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On June 23rd we will be cruiseing throught all 6 NE states in one day. I'd love to have some company. A few have already say they are coming but the more the merrier.

Final route and schedule:
7:15 to 7:45am meet at the parking lot of Thompson speedway in Thompson, CT
7:50 drive smaller roads to Harrisville, RI
8:30 to 9:30 Breakfast at the “Old Victory Sq Diner” 401-765-2661
From Rt 102 turn south at the light where Rt 7 crosses. There is an old gray/blue water tower within site of this crossroads. Once on Rt 7 turn left 100 yards later. The diner is less than a ½ mile down this road on the left.
9:30 drive through (under)Boston, across the Zakim Bridge heading for Maine.
This leg will be mostly highway. (80 miles to the next stop.)
11:15 to 11:30 A quick pit stop at exit 42 on Rt 128/ 95. (Wakefield area)
There is a Sunoco station with clean rest rooms and a mini-mart.
Coming from either direction get of at Exit 42. At the bottom of the ramp turn left.
Heading north it’s about ½ mile up on the left. Heading south, you can’t miss it.
11:30 Continue on to Maine. We will stay on Interstate 95 until we reach Portsmouth NH. We will cross into Maine over the Rt 1 bridge. Once in Kittery we will take Rt 103 up to York.
1:00 to 2:30 Lunch at “Maude Hutchins” 290 E. York St, York ME. (207)363-6192 If the group gets big they have a sister restaurant next door that does clam bakes for parties of 30 plus. Gas will be on the way out of town.
2:30 Drive west heading for Vermont. (85 miles to next stop) We will take Rt 95 back down to Portsmouth where we will pick up Rt 4 west. (Highways thru Concord then Rt 89, Rt 202, Rt 9.)
4:30 to 5:00 A gas & go at “Diamond Acres” on Rt 9 in Hillsboro, NH. These folks advertise 24 flavors of soft serve ice cream. A high point of the trip to be sure.
5:00 Back on the road for the last leg to Brattleboro, VT. Rt 9 will take us right into Brattleboro.
6:00 End of the road dinner at “The Steak Out Restaurant” 1212 Putney Rd., Brattleboro VT
Bring your wallet. Entrees are between $20 and $30 but do include appetizers and desserts.

If you are planning to join us please PM me with your cell phone. I will reply with mine for any last minute changes or updates. This will give me some idea of how many to expect. I will check messages at each stop but will not call you just because you said you were planning to be somewhere and we don’t see you.

Q: How far between gas stations?
A: Less than 100 miles.

Q: Will there be a rain date?
A: Yes, the following day. If the entire weekend is a washout then we’ll try again next year.

Q: When will the decision be made about rain delays and/or cancellation?
A: Friday morning. Watch the thread in the Northeast club section for updates. We WILL go even if the weather is not perfect. We will not go if they are predicting rain all day for the entire route.

Q: Can I join in mid-way?
A: Yes. Be at any one of the stops listed here. We will not leave a stop before the time shown here. For example I know a few cars will be joining us at the Mass. stop along Rt 128. We will not leave that stop before 11:30. If you are there and we haven’t shown up then we must be running late. If you show up at 11:40 and there are no Cobras there, ask the clerk if we’ve been by. You may have missed us OR we could be running late.

Q: What about hotels the night before or after?
A: At the starting point the best deal I found was the Country Hearth Inn at 5 Heritage Rd. Putnam, CT. Phone 860-928-7961 I have a room reserved for Friday night here. There is no group rate or anything like that. Just a reasonably priced place that happens to have a bar in case anyone is thirsty Friday night.
In Brattleboro you are on your own. There are many spots to choose from.

Harvey R
aka A Cobra Guy
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