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National FFR Event - how far would you drive?

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I'm thinking we need a National FFR get together. This would be open to any FFR owner or future owner. So here are some questions:

1.) How far would you drive to come to an event?

2.) What time of the year would you like to have it?

3.) Would this be a problem for your work schedules: Thursday, Friday and Saturday would be socials, tech sections, dinners, county cruises, tours, etc. and Sunday-Monday would be a track event. Maybe an autocross one day and drag racing or road course the following.

4.) Would you pay $200-$250 per person to come to an event that included most of the meals, meeting rooms for tech sections, tours, a momento, social events, etc.? This would include the autocross, but maybe not the road course track day. That would be an extra $100-$150 each driver.

5.) Of the following cities, which would you like the best:
Austin, TX and Texas World Speedway
Columbus, Oh and Mid-Ohio
Atlanta GA and Road Atlana
Dallas, TX and Motorsports Ranch or Texas Motor Speedway
Laguna Seca
Sears Point
Phoenix and Firestone or Bonderants
Sebring, FL and Sebring Raceway

6.) How much of a notice would you need? 2 months, 3 months, 4 months or more?


- Bill
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Another vote for Watkins Glen! An awesome track for these cars, great history and atmosphere. I think this is a great idea too anywhere you have it.
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