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mystreious oil leak

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Hi guys and gals.

Ever since I installed my McLeod scatter shield and new tranny, I've had a mysterious oil leak. While I was in doing the tranny, I also replaced the rear main seal and the pilot bearing.

After the upgrade I started seeing oil on the bottom of the bell housing and the floor. I thought I might have goofed up the rear main, so I had another one put in. It still leaks. I am now seeing oil on the outside of the scatter shield even on the top. Seems like the oil is coming from elsewhere. I looked at the base of the intake and the valve covers (best I can with the engine in the car), but don't see any leaks there.

Are there any bolts that hold on the scatter shield which go into an oil resevoir? Perhaps I missed one.

Any suggestions?
It is a 302.

Thank you
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(New Acronym for: Ditto What Wade Said!)
If it is leaking out the back of the intake, it is probably your PCV valve. I put my supercharger on and didn't vent the crank case. I blew the PCV valve out along with about 2 quarts of oil.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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