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mystreious oil leak

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Hi guys and gals.

Ever since I installed my McLeod scatter shield and new tranny, I've had a mysterious oil leak. While I was in doing the tranny, I also replaced the rear main seal and the pilot bearing.

After the upgrade I started seeing oil on the bottom of the bell housing and the floor. I thought I might have goofed up the rear main, so I had another one put in. It still leaks. I am now seeing oil on the outside of the scatter shield even on the top. Seems like the oil is coming from elsewhere. I looked at the base of the intake and the valve covers (best I can with the engine in the car), but don't see any leaks there.

Are there any bolts that hold on the scatter shield which go into an oil resevoir? Perhaps I missed one.

Any suggestions?
It is a 302.

Thank you
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Recent experience with my car leaking/using oil VERY bad, after I checked all the options mentioned above: oil was being forced out of the driver's side Edelbrock valve cover through a pinhole leak in the "valley" between two of the fins on the part of the cover that has the "Edelbrock" logo. Man it was hard to locate, as it only sprayed oil at revs, not at idle. Anyhow, maybe that'll help some; it mostly leaked down the rear of the bellhousing onto the floor when the car was at rest. Good luck!
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