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I recieved my koolmat kit last week from Breeze. I just now got a chance to open it. Cockpit and Rear wall.

I still have not finalized the dash because I let some one have my center dash support to have something really fun and custom done. He still has it. I will share more on that when I get it back. Until the dash is done I can not start on this process.

In case anyone was wanting to see what the kit may look like here is a pic.

Thin material that is a heat, sound and water barrier you have to love that. I'm still some time off from it but I wanted on hand and let it flatten out a little.

For potential buyers they all seem cut pretty well I am sure there will be adjustments.

You have to cut out some items specific to your car, seat belts shifter and ebrake to name a couple. As excepted.

My plan:

Make sure all gaps are sealed with silicon and clean all surfaces.

1. Mock up the entire kit. Double sided tape and clips.

2. Make cut outs and adjustments. Just enough to make it fit and then trim after its secure.

3. Start with back wall for practice. More open.

4. Use contact cement (roller and brush) on the surface and mat.

Do you need the cement on both surfaces?

Put down wax paper (Mark R. Suggested) line it up and slip the paper out and make last second adjustments.. probably going to need an extra set of hands.

Smooth it out with some type of roller and plastic straight edge.

5. Use silicon on the joints.
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