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This is a Stage II ported intake manifold for a pre 94 mustang EFI system.

Porting was done by Panhandle Performance, check the following link:

The following is from the Panhandle Performanced website that describes what is done to make a Stage II manifold.


"As some of you know, every manifold on the market has unbalanced runners, be it from bends, length, shape etc. As an example, in untouched form,the 302 GT-40 lower intake has flow numbers raging from 215 C.F.M. on it's lower runner to 255 C.F.M. on it's highest. This imbalance causes distribution problems (which are compounded by power adders such as nitrous) and affects the power production of any combination. At Panhandle Performance we balance ALL the runners on our manifolds to within 2%"

Stage II----300cfm ---- $1000

Stage II manifolds are designed for most ported heads and the higher flowing "out of the box" heads (Canfield, Victor Jr, Track I, etc). The lower is fully ported and balanced with the upper being blended to the lower and matched to your throttle body size. Great for hot naturally aspirated or nitrous and supercharged applications."

Also included is a phenolic spacer to increase runner length (more torque). If you look carefully at the picture you will see where the lower runners were welded to add more aluminum to allow for Stage II porting. If you have a decent set of performance heads and a good cam, this manifold will make a big difference. The manifold has been painted a light grey with a 2 part epoxy paint that is impervious to oil and gasoline.

Currently listed on Ebay:


Buyer will pay actual shipping costs
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