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Nice, expensive, one-trick pony:


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OOPS! I forgot the URL...fixed now
$300.00 YIKES.

Hot Rod Magazine had a "How To" on how to make one of these to figure it out yourself.

Just need a piece of bar stock and a pice of threaded rod.

We made one of these up to measure wheels for a friends '70 chevelle and it worked just fine.

All of $5.00 in junk from Home Depot and a measuring tape and that was it.

Just cut the bar stock to the diameter of the wheel you want to use. "But that's not adjustable!" You can cut 4 up and have it sitting there for most wheel sizes.. 15 16 17 & 18.

Center the bar on the hub, zip tie 'er in place..OR if you're super trick you could make up two litle half moons and weld them to the bar stock....

Use the threaded rod and a couple of bolts through the end of the bar to figure out backspacing..
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Now that's pretty cool. Couldn't we make something like that?
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