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I posted a message a week ago about a horrible noise that seems to be coming from the bellhousing area.


I pulled the starter and there was a small gouge on the end of the housing so I clearanced it and reinstalled. The noise was still there. There has been a lot of complaints about the stamping of the starter mount hole on the plate and mine was very bad. When the crescent piece was stamped it shoved the whole piece toward the center of the BH so when the starter was installed it was canted at a 5 degree angle away from the flywheel. We ground the crescent piece so the starter fit flush and it engaged the flywheel fine.

Here's a .WAV file of it turning over, although it's not terribly clear.


Any help is appreciated!

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whatever that sound is....its gotta be leaving a mark!!

I know its a hassle pulling the engine etc. but you can't leave it like that...and its unlikely you will find the problem without pulling it apart again. I installed and pulled mine 4 times so I speak from experience.

Hard to tell from the recording but it sounds like the duration of the sound is long which would suggest a prolonged contact on rotation...vs a tick sound with would be a short hit. My guess would be the back of the flywheel rubbing on the BH back plate. If you think about tolerances...it can't be around the sides or the clutch side of the spinning assembly as the housing is so large. (unless its the starter which is close) Are the clutch fork and throwout installed correctly?

If the starter housing were interfering it would be obvious when you bolt it up...and the contact would not be rythmic...it would grind all the time as the flywheel rotates on a perfect center axis.

A way to rule out the starter causing the noise only when engaged would be to turn the engine over with a wrench on the front of the engine.
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