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Sunday was “sleep in” day. Breakfast was pretty interesting as we all had a nice visit with John Chun. John was a designer for Carroll Shelby and did design work on the ’67 and later Shelby Mustangs. John mentioned that he had ridden in all the Shelby cars except a Daytona Coupe, so I did what any coupester would do … I offered him a ride! Didn’t get out to the track until about 10:00 am. Kind of a quiet day as lots of folks had already packed up and left. Watched some races, did a little souvenier shopping, ate some lunch and headed back to the Cobra Corral. John Chun and his son, Kevin, were just arriving at the Cobra Corral so it was time to give a ride. I got John strapped in and we were off for a short cruise. I headed out on Hwy 68 for several miles and then turned the coupe around. I hammered it in first through third gears and John was yelling, “I love it!” Got back to the Cobra Corral and took a few pics with John and the coupe. When I asked John to sit on my front fender for a picture, he responded, “I don’t know, is it strong enough? I didn’t design this one, Pete Brock did”! Did I mention that John is 84 years young?

The trailers were then brought in from the remote parking area and it was time to load up the coupes and say our “good-byes”. It was a sad parting of ways … Karen Salvaggio and her daughter, Tracy Lindsey headed down to SoCal while Rick and Diane Anderson headed up to NorCal and Ron and Charlene Stebles headed for MiddleCal. I headed north to visit friends and family in Washington, Idaho and North Dakota … a very indirect route to my home in Georgia.

This was an incredible experience, from Wednesday and the McCall Motorworks Revival through Sunday afternoon when we all parted ways. Many thanks to Peter and Gayle Brock for making this a “once in a lifetime event” for 22 coupe owners. Also, thanks to Brian, Alison & Stan of BRE for all their hard work over the week. Thanks, again to Hagerty Insurance for organizing the Cobra Racers Panel discussion.

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