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And I love that billit milling machine on motercycle mania!
Can I get one of those at Harbour Freight?
That show blows junkyard wars outa the water!

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Show wasn't bad.

_I_ want that milling machine.

One thing I found funny was when they sent the motorcycle seat to get made.

They show the seat getting put in a box, and being sent Grayhound to the seat maker.

While at the seatmaker's place, they show it being made, and explain why/when they use grayhound.

Then they show it being shipped greyhound back.

Ok...this doesn't make sense. Did grayhound ship that seat? Or did the camera people? If they shipped it grayhound...why didn't the camera people just carry the seat to the seatmaker?

Ok, I'm wayyyyyyy too cynical.

-steve in nj-

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Pardon me while I whip up a complete custom motorcycle in 6 weeks. :D

Did you see him burn the crap out of his gut when he bent that pipe with his waist?

Then the wackos welding with *NO* helmet or goggles?! One of 'em did the slag shuffle when the plasma cutter rolled some molten metal down the back of his shirt.

Talk about talent, man those people are unbelievable.

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Yeah, I've never seen someone remove a Mustang fuel tank backwards before. Nothing like removing the straps BEFORE you unbolt the filler. I wonder why they didn't put some of those donor parts on eBay. They might have been able to make the door mowers work with the money they made.

For professionals, they didn't take safety too seriously. But wouldn't it be nice to get a paint job overnight and the chrome just magically appeared on the reel mowers. I don't think their budget is accurate. Great show and Jesse James is way cool.
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