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I wanted to make a thread that had all the 4.6 DOHC Type 65 Coupe threads in it and maybe make a bulleted list of some issues. I figured it gets asked so much it might be nice to have one thread to link to instead of linking to the same few threads from a few years ago.

#1 reason to use the 5.0:

Potts 4.6 DOHC Coupe Trial Fit (2008):

Potts Modular Coupe First Start Video:

More pics of Potts' Type 65 Coupe:

Some questions answered about fabrication for a Mod motor coupe:

Pics WFCrawford's Gen 1 Mark VIII Motor'd Type 65 coupe (2008):
My Public Share Images At Winkflash

Terminator Type 65 Coupe Build Thread(2010):

Video of Type 65 with Terminator Motor (2012):

Some 4.6 DOHC questions answered (2010):

Coyote (5.0 DOHC) in a coupe: (Lots of recent info)

Bullet list of come common issues facing an installation of the Cobra motor in a coupe:

Some pics of a coyote in a coupe:

President of FFR talks a bit about the Gen II coupe body and modulars:

A bunch of stuff Tim Potts did with his DOHC coupe with pics and videos:

Modular trans mount for a 3650 question:

About me for those interested:
I am 24, a CNC machinist and one year away from graduating with my Mech Eng degree @ UCF where I do machining research. Jobs look plentiful and high paying in my experience field, and I have a decently equipped machine and auto shop in my garage.

I also stripped a 93 Mark VIII so in my garage are:
-93 4.6 DOHC, diamond pistons, forged Ibeams, waiting to go in
-Two 4R70Ws (one 2002 4R70W from a 4WD 5.4, the strongest you can get basically and the stock one)
-The complete IRS rear subframe from the Mark VIII with 3.73s and Posi from FMS
-HUGE PBR 2 piston disc brakes all around, hydroboost.
-Most of the stuff needed to build a turbo kit based off the Y2004K GT45 Turbo
-Replica Cobra Rs
-The entire electrical system from the Mark VIII

I can't wait. The goal is a daily drivable coupe that is around 400WHP in the around town tune, 550-600ish on the race tune, I am going to save up about $20,000 before purchasing and plan on building the motor and 4R70W trans myself. (By the way if someone is wondering why the hell I'd build a 4R70W instead of a stick car, not many stick transmission can handle the massive torque that a DOHC makes (eventually) reliably. Meanwhile 4R70Ws are very plentiful and a 2001+ from a 5.4L 4WD equipped car can be build to handle 600WHP and ~6500RPM for around $500. Thousands cheaper than the stick...though way less fun.
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