Mostly complete MKIV #8414 for sale. Only body, paint and final assembly left - probably the best part of the build. I bought this partially built (about 15%) and have done the rest. It has run well during go kart stage, but will need a tune to make it perfect. I plan on getting a tune here shortly.

Here are the specs:

Complete Kit - 9/2014 ship date from FFR
Just over $14K in FFR extras - notably:
  • Wilwoods
  • Moser 8.8 rear end
  • 17" Halibrand (9 and 10.5)
  • Power Steering
  • Powder coated frame
  • and more

Drive Train:
Gen 2 Coyote w/MT82 6 speed (17K miles)
Forma Shifter conversion

Other Notables:
  • Gasn' SS Headers and Brushed Touring Pipes
  • Complete custom, fox brown leather interior, dash and door cards
  • Custom Speethut gauges with Shelby Cobra print
  • Breeze roll bars in brushed nickel
  • Electric E-brake
  • Digital Guard Dawg keyless push button start module
  • Electronic foot box vents/blowers
  • Heated seats
  • RT Turn signal
  • Le-Mans T-top
  • and more.

Too much to list, but will send all the details and more build pics to those interested.

I am on Jeff Miller's schedule for body and paint in February in Southern California, which could be kept or not.


Here are some pics: