Items for sale:
Picture 1
-Brake duct mesh covers
-Pedal box components
-Battery kill switch
-Coolant reservoir (Cap is missing, but I'll keep looking for it)
-Battery hold down
-Brake line mount accessories
-Radiator mount accessories
-Battery ground strap
-Transmission speed gear
-Inertia kill switch
-FFR throttle cable
-FFR e-brake cleaver
-FFR clutch cable
-FFR Radiator hose and filler neck/cap (not pictured)

Picture 2
-5.5' corrugated coolant hose
-'96-'04 J-pipe kit
-Oil filter relocator kit
-FFR unpolished side pipes and mount hardware
-Raw passenger side door

Not looking to make a ton of money. Just make me a reasonable offer and pay for shipping from 06107. I'll gladly take more pictures, if requested.