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Friday went to get the liscense for FFR 4429K. John Wirt pointed out an option in the process that the State tried to evade. There seem to be two routes that you can go.

Option 1-Register it as a Kit Car or Reconstructed vehicle. Most of the local offices do not understand the process, so they call the "home office". It seems the main office goal is to get you to pay as much tax and fees as possible. There is also a lot of red tape involved in this process. State statute states it should be registered as the year described on the MSO. The State tried to tell me that it had to be registerd as a 2003(you will be charged fees of about $300 for this year), as that is when I bought it. I had a copy of the state procedure book in hand, and pointed out that is not what was written there, but the person said they had to follow what the boss said. Had I followed this route here is what you would have to do.
1. Bring in the original MSO and turn it in.
2. Bring in the ORIGINAL reciepts for the state to keep. This would be your FFR invoice. It would be best if that invoice did not include all the options (you'll see why later).
3. Bring in all the reciepts on your MAJOR purchases (littel description given here) it could be construed to be the Donor.
4. Bring in the ORIGINAL recipets to give the State of all the invoices that you paid sales tax on. This is to be deducted from the overall tax bill, as you already paid taxes.
5. Provide them with the market price of the car, that they will use to calculate your sales tax. I came prepared with FFCars sales postings to show a $20000 value. If the parts and kit add up to more than this you can guess at the next questions. (sales tax $1300)
6. After they give you a plate (and the home office debates that the plate should be given prior to an inspection which some call safety and in reality is only checking for stolen parts-home office said you ned to tow the car in for the inspection) you need to go for an inspection within the next 12 months, according to the Statute and State Procedure manual.
7. Write the check for $1300 sales tax+$330 plate fee+ $25 registration fee etc = about $1650.
8. Car will be listed as 2003 with higher plate fees and double the insurance fee-for life.

OPTION 2-The way John and I have done ours.
1. List the car as a COLLECTOR (it just needs to be over 20 model years old) Since MSOP called mine a 1965, we were OK. The state Statute said it is not to be used for daily transportation. Which is fine, as I was not planning on this, and the insurance has a limit on miles as well. So it all works out. Beside, in the future you could alway change it over to a standard plate.
2. They want the MSO, 4 photos of the car, a copy of the FFR invoice.
3. They want proof of plates on another vehicle in the state, so you give them the plate numbers on your normal street car.
4. Pay a $90 in lieu tax (instead of sales tax).
5. Pay $25 for the plate
6 Pay a few more bucks for the fees and the total was $137.50.
7. No inspection.
8. VIN is what is your MSO.

I ended up walking out of one of the Service centers, because they were giving me the run around on the way to register the car. The directions they were getting over the phone conflicted with their own manual. The second place knew exactly what to do and register the car as outlined in option 2. It is very similar to a street rod, which just has different limits on the years of what it looks like (1949 and older). You could buy a "kit car street rod" and register it as a "street rod" in the State, but buy the same technology that looks like something newer and you are out of luck. An obvious double standard, but there are a lot more of them lobbying than guys like us hitting the wall one at a time.

Hope this helps those in question on what Minnesota wants. If you want a copy of the Minnesota Procedure manual for Option 1, drop me a PM and I will PDF it off to you.

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Very valuable information Steve!

I plan on registering mine very soon. I think Option #2 is the way I want to go as well..

ANy special paperwork I need to find (state forms) that you can name?

Thank you!!!

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I am quite a ways from being ready to register mine but where did you finally go to register it - which service center knew how to complete it? Option 2 makes the most sense to me also.
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