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Metal Jig for drilling Wiper Wheel Boxes

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I seem to recall that there is a metal jig (or two) floating around the forum for drilling the wheel box holes for the wiper assembly.

May I borrow one? I'll of course pay shipping and return if it is your personal... or fwd to the next victim...


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I have the one that came with my kit that I would be happy to send to you. I would like it back when you're done with it. This uses a 1/2" drill so the hole needs to be enlarged to accomodate the spindle on the wheel boxes (I used my dremel to do this). PM me if you are interested.
wheel box holes

I'm sorry I used mine. The hole is to close to the rubber seal on the windshield, should be forward about a 1/2" - 3/4". Ive found that using the dimensions in the instructions are not always correct. Make a mark where the instructions say to then make SURE that's where you want it before you drill.

Luckily I had my windshield installed when I went to drill the holes for the wipers. I went by some old instructions I had and I had the same issue as Steve. I instead did a quick search on the forum and got dimensions from the edge of the hood opening. I didnt have the tool, I just drilled the hole and once I broke through I angled the bit at a 45* and used a round file to finish them off so the wheelboxes fit. I also made solid bushings for the inside from round or square tubing to give them a solid foundation. Good Luck with it...

After drilling mine, I could see that there was no "It's got to be here" placement for the holes, just make sure they are far enough from the windshield to not interfere with the rubber seal and equal distance from the seal.

Alot of the time I stress out over making sure I'm in the right place, when I just need to make it look good. I stressed hard about mounting the windshield (you only get one chance, get it right). Afterward's I looked back & said "that wasn't to bad, next time will be easier".

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