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I have been rebuilding a FF5 Coupe from top to bottom , front to back. All new everything. Engine, 8 stack TWM, tranny, rear end, had the entire wiring replaced. Basically a complete rebuild. What I don't do is electrical of any kind. The owner decided to go with the Mega Squirt System and I can't find anyone to help with the hard wiring and then the tuning setup. I'm not too far from being ready to install it all. I'm begging, pleading and bribing anyone to give me a hand. The car is in my extremely well lit , heated and semi- clean shop, with the car on a lift to eliminate the back breaking bending over. (Well maybe not as clean as it could be.) I'm in the back country about an hour south of Livermore, about an hour or so east of San Jose and an hour west of Modesto basically in the middle of nowhere. Any help would be appreciated. I have lots of "stuff" to trade or whatever it takes to get the job done.

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