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Often I have been asked:

Why not buy the Mark VIII for the motor, trans, IRS and wiring… and also buy an old Mustang for all the other parts?

I would suggests against this for several reasons:
  • The Lincoln WILL have a major portion of the little bits and pieces you need. Sensors, Hardware, brake lines, fittings, clamps, hoses, grommets, wiring, etc. In many cases the hardware will be identical to what is supplied on the Mustang.
  • The amount of work dealing with two donors would not be worth the cost , logistics and effort to buy a second Mustang donor.
What you would pay for a second Mustang donor will cost MORE than buying the needed Mustang items NEW or rebuilt and with the donor you still have used parts that have to be cleaned, reconditioned, etc.
I have found online sources for NEW Mustang radiators as low as $100 shipped. NEW electric radiator fan /shroud assemblies for $98 shipped. These prices are just slightly more than what some yards are asking for USED parts.
  • EBay will supply MANY parts you need for less than the same parts from a donor…without the hassle.
  • Go to www.car-part.com and search for salvage yards. You would be amazed how many yards can supply the few non-critical parts that don’t need to be new…for far less than buying a complete donor. The yard I found had 94-95 Mustang spindles for $17 and hubs for $20 with Mustang hydro boosters for $35.
Don’t get hung up on the need of a Mustang Donor. Between the Mark VIII donor, eBay, forum vendors, online sources, and a local salvage yard…you can locate everything you need. And save a great deal of building cost in the process.

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