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Mark D was at it again in MO. Mark and I, ok mostly Mark, checked off quite a few items off of the to-do list on the unfinished coupe (bottom). Wiring, Fitech install, brake and fuel lines, pedal box install and bleed the masters, clutch mc and bleed, exhaust install, started on ac and heater hose install.
For a break we installed a 650 qf brawler on the Cannonball Coupe pending the conversion back to efi. Plans for mass Flo this time around. The Cannonball coupe has went from powerjection III ->QF 650 carb-> Fitech ->Holley 650 carb -> custom built 650 carb ->back to Holley 650 carb -> and now 650 qf Brawler. Now we need to find the time for the Mass Flo efi for hopefully the final system to go on this car.

A big thanks to Mark the Traveling Builder. If you need a little help, a lot of help, or anything in-between you can't go wrong with Mark D.
Mike M
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