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For Sale: Mark 3 Roadster PENDING

SOLD: The gentlemen that bought my car ask me to help him list his car. Here is the info on his car. His name is David. Here is the link to his Craigslist ad as well. Please contact him directly. Cheers,

65 Shelby Cobra Factory Five

Selling my 65 Shelby Cobra Mark III (factory five replica). It was finished in 2009. No donor parts used, all new parts.

Tubular front suspension, 3 link rearend.
351w bored/stroked to a 432 (520hp/550ft lbs torque). Motor was balanced/blue printed
TKO 600 5 speed transmission
17" wheels/tires
Slotted/drilled 4 wheel disc brakes
Headers/exhaust hot jet coated
and more

Over 40k spent on car, almost 12k just in motor/trans combo

Call for details.

636 578-2925 (Missouri number, but I live in NW Indiana)
His FFCAR id is : zx10r


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