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Like clockwork...

Sitting at my table actually doing a little work at home, I hear a rumble which sounded interesting enough to poke my head out the window and see what it was. I didn't have to look too far... There in my driveway was Butch and his roadster, reminding me that it was March 1st. He was going to send me a pic of his car in my driveway if I wasn't home, and then shamed me into getting my car out. We made plans to burn some gas the following morning, once it got to an acceptable temp for him (I have a heater. And a roof. And windows.)

In Butch's driveway:

So around 1030 on Sat, I met him in his driveway and we headed south. First to Canby for fuel, then out through Aurora, Hubbard, the metropolis of Monitor(!), and then stopping in Marquam for a bite. Heading back out after that, we did a pleasant loop through Scotts Mill and then worked our way home through the toolies, but not before stopping and watching Steve do some work in his yard.

In the Mark-Umm Inn parking lot:

Somewhere along the way:

All in all, we logged about 70 miles and had a lovely excursion. Excellent company and a fantastic day! Thanks for the motivation Butch.


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Chris, Thanks for posting! Nice 'lil run:wink2:. 'Ol#1437 and I were glad to have some company to tag along with us. Until next time--

Chris, I have a very funny story about my stop at Bi-Mart! (but not on here! lol)
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