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Trying to clear out some much needed garage space. Here's a list of parts I'm looking to part with. Send e-mails with reasonable offers:

(all parts out of 1989 Mustang GT unless noted)
* gauge pod (printed circuit repaired with jumpers in 2 spots but fully functional)
* dashboard dimmer switch
* FFR battery tray powdercoated gloss black
* distributor cap adaptor
* FFR idler pulley setup**SOLD**
* air inlet tube (MAF to TB)
* FFR steering shaft extension tube**SOLD**
* front brake backing plates powdercoated black wrinkle**SALE PENDING**
* rear brake backing plates off of T-bird IRS
* 2 starter relays
* FFR serpentine belt NAPA 25-060620
* 5 FFR master cylinder spacers**SOLD**
* aftermarket adjustable electric fan controller**SOLD**
* Expedition Air Ride compressor
* lower steering shaft with rebuilt rag joint powdercoated black**SOLD**
* 1993 Escort emergency brake handle
* 2 Mustang emergency brake handles**1 SOLD**
* aftermarket underdrive pulley set (black)**SOLD**
* stock water pump and alternator pulleys
* stock water pump
* fuel line bracket at righ front ef engine powdercoated black**SOLD**
* supply and return quick disconnects for fuel lines
* FFR rear traction brackets powdercoated black
* hard fuel lines (fuel rail to chassis line)
* alternator fan powdercoated black
* fuel line from pump to filter, filter, and filter outlet fitting
* 4 Turbine wheel center caps**SOLD**
* FFR battery relocation kit from IRS option
* FFR j-pipes with gaskets
* solenoids for EGR and Thermactor
* 2 Ford 90DEG oil filter adapters- mounts filter on block at 90DEG instead of straight out(basically the same as FMS part)**SOLD**
* 2 multifunction switches (one is out of 1989 Mustang GT, the other is out of 1994 Mustang-can supply wiring diagram to make it work)
* small vacuum canister
* idler pulley and bracket (I think it is either a/c or p/s eliminator-I will find out)

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