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I am replacing the engine in my 00Corvette. It has 88,000 miles on it. It is a stock LS1 that runs strong. Recently freshened it up with new zo6 valve springs added headers and it dyno'd at 318rwhp not bad for an engine rated at 347hp at the flywheel when new. I have seen an LS engine in a Cobra and can only say it was a bad A$$ car. I have had the engine oil analized by a lab and it shows all items to be normal, no water,antifreeze etc. in the oil. The engine is in my car and running and available for any test you may car to perform to determine its soundness. Did a compression and leakdown test last year and while I lost the numbers they were all good. The engine is complete less the wiring harnes for the EFI, but if you are going with a carb you won't need it anyway. A great light all aluminium engine. Asking $2,250 plus shipping. Would consider some kind of delivery to South Florida.
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