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I have a ton of leftover stuff for sale, make an offer by email to [email protected] , preferably not my hotmail account, it has been weird lately.

1 set of 4 turbines with center caps restored (removed dirty clear paint), the tires are basically junk but would work for a little while. Will fully restore as in paint and remove tires for a little extra money

2 sets of EFI intakes, one is unrestored and ported and the other is stock but fully restored painted and cleaned. I will restore this too if wanted

1 set of stock injectors

2 sets of fuel rails

1 nearly complete wiring harness out of an 89 LX 5.0

2 fuel pump frames for stock ford tank

1 beadblasted timing cover

1 302 non HO block, would make a good core, and thats about it

Possibly a T5 core once I find all the parts to it!

1 set of finishline brake screens

1 set of good 3.08 gears

1 set of brand new prothane engine and trans mounts

1 throttle body and EGR spacer, taken apart partially restored

1 set of all 4 shocks for the stock setup rear end

1 set of rear springs cut with new rubber bushings from ford

1 set FFR j pipes

1 set FFR 4into4's painted and welds smoothed

1 set of FFR hood pins

1 set of FFR door straps

1 set of the black wheel dollies. I bought them thinking that they would roll on our rought garage floor but they do not. If your cement is actually smooth, they will work really well

2 stock gas pedals

1 set of March aluminum crank and water pump pulleys

1 set of ford quad shock brakets with the quad shocks stuck on, I can't get the bolts off.

Now for non cobra parts:

I have a ton of vaious motocross parts, email me for details on those

1 set of rims and Bridgestone Blizzak snow tires for a subaru. Good condition, not too much use

1 set of 16 inch aluminum rims and blizzak tires for an Audi/VW. They are properly sized to clear the large brakes on the 2.7t S4 and A6.

I am sure I will ad a ton of stuff later as I find it. If you are local feel free to come root around the house and see what you can find that you want. I have a ton of small stuff that I didnt feel was worth mentioning.

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Motor mounts have been spoken for. I must reiterate that you send emails to [email protected] . I check that much more often than my hotmail account and it gives me accurate time stamps on the emails if more than one person contacts me about a part. I guess I will change my email in my profile.

Also as for pricing goes, make me an offer but if something is new, please dont undercut the new price by a ton. I can easily return stuff to where it came from but I would much rather sell it for a little less than retail and ship it to a forum member.
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