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Time for a little introspection in my opinion. Building one of these is a lot of work, with some challenges along the way (guarantied), and you need to be self-motivated. Sharing your build and feeding off others is a good thing. But if you don't have the drive yourself, and willing to stay at it for months or even a couple years as is often the case, it may not be for you. It takes a passion to both build and drive. I personally enjoy them both almost the same. I love the planning aspect, realizing the plan, and the satisfaction of the completed plan. Driving, cruising, attending occasional shows, etc. are all frosting on the cake. I've done multiple builds and each time tried new things just because I enjoy the learning aspect as well. Each has been a 1-2 year project. And while I will occasionally get burned out and need to step away for a bit, generally able to stay fully motivated toward the finished goal and I've never been disappointed. If the motivation to build is solely based on saving money, for example, (not saying that's you...) I typically will recommend to buy something ready to go, whether new or used. I see builds that stall out because the builder was only interested in the finished product and underestimated the effort and motivation required to complete. Not to mention available time, budget, life priorities, etc. Hopefully none of that sounds negative. Just being realistic. If it fits you, come on in. It's an exciting journey.
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