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I'm getting ready to tear into my donor motor this weekend. I KNOW that it's going to need some work as the oil pressure was running really low ( less than 8psi @ idle when warm with 30w50 oil).

I've read the Tom Monroe book from cover to cover a few times. It's all good info, but all it covers is a basic rebuild. (Mr. Monroe, where's that next book you've mentioned writing?)

I'm looking for something that covers the high performance aspect of things to supplement it. Something that covers the various machine work you can have done and why you would choose to do it (like the effect of shot peening rods). Also something that covers component selection. (Like what kind of rings to use). Also something that explains the different methods of connecting pistons to rods (clip, spiral lock, press).

I just want to have a good solid understanding of what all I can do so that as I tear into it and find out what's bad, I have an idea of what my options are.

Anybody got any suggestions for books or websites?
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