My mark 4 roadster will be up for sale in the next month or two and will be looking to pick up a 2003-2004 mustang cobra as I’ve wanted one since they were new.

Has to be a coupe and CLEAN. Prefer below 40,000 miles and original owner. A lot of them online right now are going crazy money but every now and then you see a reasonable deal. Prefer sonic blue over all others but open to other colors. Just missed out on two really good deals by hours.

will also consider trade of terminator toward my factory five With cash on top. Mark 4 is fully forged 408” DSS racing block, AFR heads, Holley Sniper, T5, 8.8 3.55 gears, 4 link, speedhut gauges, ford ruby red, heater, chrome driver roll bar, stainless side pipes.

buttoning up some minor stuff with interior etc and will be up for sale. PA title in hand, about 150 miles on it