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Hello Everybody,

Been lurking here on the forum for about 4 years. I have wanted to build a car since FFR introduced the 33 Hot Rod. Looks like finances, etc… will line up in the spring to pull the trigger (List below) (Just need my Harley to sell) This will be a Father/Son (Wife and Daughter too) build. My 16 year old son, Liam, has a high functioning form of Autism called Aspergers and I would like to use the build as a teaching tool and have him learn some mechanical skills + take pride in a long term project/accomplishment (and for him to "get his hands dirty”). This could also be great opportunity to work on his social skills as I know the car would draw attention at the local meets/etc… and allow him to talk with a lot of people on a topic he is passionate about.

So far Our Build Sheet looks like this:

Gen 2 33 Hot Rod Complete Kit (No Top, Hood or Engine Side Covers)
3 Link Suspension
Moser 8.8 Rear End
Chrome Tilt Column
Electric Power Assisted Steering
Bench Seat
Rear Exit Exhaust
Blue Print SBC 400(Sniper EFI) w/ 700R4 trans
Still undecided on whees/tires.
Boyd EFI Tank

Trying to find good powder coaters and painters in MA/RI area.

Thanks for having me!

Bridgewater, MA

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Welcome aboard and have fun
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