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LKNSnake Graduates #5740!!!

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Fellow Members,
Please add #5740 to the graduating class of 2008. Almost 21 months from start to finish (?). I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed every minute of the build, hanging out with you guys and soaking up as much of your experience and knowledge that I could. I'm sure I speak for many when I say this forum makes the impossible dream possible for many of us...so three cheers for FFCARS.COM :beer::beer::beer:

I have prepared this spec sheet to post at cruises/shows that gives some of the vital stats and may answer a few questions...

Pictures in next post!
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Now for some pics (I admit to knowing nothing about photography other than to point and shoot)...

more ...
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C'mon, hurry up. I want more pictures! That 4 picture limit and wait time between posts is killin' me! :D

and a little slide show...

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Love the color. The cockpit looks great. The engine has a nice "race" look to it. All together a beautiful car! Don't forget to update your signature. :D
Great looking car ... have fun.
Congrats, thanks for the kind words (?) (LOL). Car looks great, now get out and enjoy, Cheers Richard.
car looks great, I like the center stripe.
Your car looks awesome Brian. I love that single center stripe.
Nice job Brian! Congrats...Looks really awesome. Hope to see it when I move your way.

Beautiful car! I loved the slide show. Interior, paint, engine ... everything looks great.

Let me know how you like the Firestones. I'm thinking of ordering a set for my car.


Wow - looks great!

Wow Brian,

The car looks just fantastic. It really reflects all the hard work you've done. Enjoy!


Brian, Very nice. Thanks for the help so far and I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again.

Chuck in Raleigh
Looks awesome !

Congrats! added to The Class of 2008 !

Congrats! Really nice car. Roger
Very nice! I especially like the stripe. Why didn't I think of that? If you ever want 2 stripes, well..just put a blue one up the middle! Genious!!!

I also really like the upholstry on the tunnel.


Nice color! Its perfect! Have Fun!

Love that solid stripe.
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