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Build info on FINISHED CARS Some of these links are also in the post above, I wanted them all in one post so one click will lead to post #2 and ALL the build pages.

Google Map of owner/builders

Lang's Green 33, I think this was the first customer car completed???

Henry's Larry build site #002

Mike Everson's official Larry build thread #007

RideTech 33 - A MUST see thread #093

Arrowhead's Hot Rod Build #078

Switta's Build Diary #???

Kyle's Build Thread #066

Hot Rod Lincoln #076

Stack's Hot Rod Magazine one week build thread #018

Rumbles Hot Rod build #168

Ksuhre build website - External Link #200

Erik Hansen's Build Thread #240

Pbrews build thread #231

Terrible Terry's Photobucket Album(s) --- From this page explore the sub-albums listed on the right side of the page #213

Chuck McCall's build page #235

Tim's build thread #209


Stack's Hot Rod Build #039

Geoff's Build Thread - 33 Gasser/Altered #037

FFCars.com GT33 Build Thread #010

Oldguy's random build pics #???

Paul's Hot Rod Build Thread #???

Madmax's Hot Rod Build #077

Greg's 33 Build Thread #???

Mark MacLeod's build thread #???

Joe Garner's '33 Build #???

Aussie #222 Build Thread

Mike Everson's second build #032

Brett's 33 #273

Towman's Build page #269

Tim Whittaker build page #303

1fastsedan GenIII Hemi #373

Old Fart Racing build #436

33 Coyote #365

Match's hot rod build thread

Ben's 33 Build Thread

Thomas in Austin #452


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Geoff, EXCELLENT! This will help my '33 build project tremendously as I start later this year. I have been reading all the threads and wondering how I was going to find the info when I needed it.

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Is there any need for a "brakes" list?
What are the std brakes used?
I don't know about need but it would be easy enough to add that system to one of the posts above and list the appropriate threads.

The 33 does not come with rear brakes (optional equipment) it will depend on which rearend is used, personal preference, and desired wheel size. There have been several threads about lines and reservoirs as well.
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