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This conversion is from a stock Lincoln LSC rear-end to a Fox width, with 5 lugs. The LSC's have 11.375 Vented rotors.

The LSC axles are 1.25 inches longer than Fox axles, or in this case, Ranger axles. Having narrower axles gives you better wheel choices and fender clearance. Especially if you have an older MKI roadster with narrower body.

I will not cover how to remove axles, bleed brakes and other procedures. Hard enough to keep this brief. Yes, an E-Brake can be done.


1)Rear end from 85-91 Lincoln Mark7 LSC, Master Cylinder, Proportion Valve.

2) Two Drivers side axles from, '83-'92 Ranger/Bronco II Left (driver) side axle (29-5/32") from a 4cyl or 3.0L V-6 with the 7.5" rear end, or '86-'97 Aerostar RIGHT side axles (29-5/32") is what you want.

Now the easy part.

Remove axles, calipers and brackets. You are going to use the same caliper brackets but switch them from side to side. Keeping their orientation the same. Swapping them subtracts the 1.25 inch you need to lose.

The caliper brackets now slant inward toward the middle of the car. Taking into account for the shorter axles you bought.

Bolt the caliper mounting piece to the inside of the caliper bracket, middle of car side.

This brings us to the picture below. Tack the washer portion of the bolt. (So it won't loosen during grinding etc.) The heads of the bolts are ground down to the affixed washer. The ground bolt is welded to the bracket. This way it won't ever loosen. Safety first.

The red arrows depicts the ground and welded bolts. The yellow areas were also ground down. (Imagine the area where the rotor will be.) I used a torch, then a grinder. Total time for both sides was about 45 minutes.

The next picture shows the caliper/bracket from the rear. All pictures are of the left side of rear.

This picture shows from top with everything assembled. The axles turn free like its made that way.

Reassemble checking everything 10 times.

Now you have 11 inch rear disk brakes for pennys.
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