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Just so know none of you flood FFR with e-mail, I have already slipped them an advanced copy in case they want a piece of this potential market. And yes, its OK to move this to OT after we get a few chuckles.

Date line... Las Vegas, NV. .... as leaked to the Nellis Daily Dispatch after this past weekend's events at the California Speedway.

..."Following the trail of hipe and tips about rumored coming jumps in CSBI stock prices splattered all over various Internet Forums and chat boards again this past week, this reporter has attempted to determine where these rumors were coming from and what might possibly fuel such an unlikely event.

What we found was shocking and follows....

"....Un-named sources meeting with us two weeks ago in a darkened parking lot next to the Las Vegas Speedway indicated that the latest adventure involves a low priced, donor based, replica kit.

Apparently "they" are feeling the market pinch from the success of replica manufacturer's Factory Five Racing, Superformance and others, leaving "them" with parking lots of unsold "replicas" and a string of promised new models which never seem to get off the production line to the customers.

This newest project is supposed to be being developed at a secret plant in South Africa away from prying eyes (Duh!). Little information was available, however our field investigators did spot a tarp covered pile of what may have been "donor" chassis, hidden in the jungle and protected by armed warriors carrying AK-47's (although they did admit after being subjected to several of the local 20 proof beers that the pile could also have been rejected Series I bodies or similar).

Rumor is that the new design body/chassis is based on a short lived Southeastern European design from the latter century era. Another undisclosed marketing source said positively that first production kit units would be in customer's hands within 6 months (yea, right).

Further investigation by hired photo journalists did manage to capture a fuzzy picture of the vehicle on a test track. Our crack team from our photo analysis department spend several minutes enhancing the picture and the result caused one to fall off his stool.

Several "older" members of the news staff (we won't disclose their actual age, just accept they were old enough) recognized the donor's make and model almost immediately. After quite a bit of heated discussion the team recommended that we get confirmation before we went any further with this story. They suggested we go try to get another photo from a different angle. The next afternoon's e-mail contained a better picture (see below), confirming the prior and putting the nail through the goat's head.

The staff's immediate conclusion was that, like other recent projects out of this group, this one seems almost sure to have similar reliability and timely deliver problems from the get-go. Further, the potential kit builders are very likely to have a lot of difficulty getting suitable donor's within the USA, in any condition whatsoever. We made anonymous queries to several chain auto parts stores who confirmed that they don't even have catalogues, let alone parts for these models. Almost 40% of those questioned didn't recognize the donor's name (however they tended to be in the under 25 age group).

In summary, we believe that if the original European government who sponsored the car's development and marketing couldn't make it work, is a Nevada based success really likely? I mean, just how may of these potential donor's still exist?

Therefore, to rap up and complete the issue that started this investigation.... if you have invested in any of this stock, you might as well keep it, after all how much lower than 19 cents can it go?

....And that's the way it is, Wednesday, July 6, 2005. Good Night!

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