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Kudos to FFR shipping.

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I just wanted to commend the shipping dept at FFR. I had picked up a 3 link setup and coil overs 2 weeks ago and was waiting for a backorderd panhard bar and axle clamp. I missed one ups delivery last friday but knew it was from
FFR so I dissasembled the rear and got ready up to the clamp and bar. well it was just the panhard bar so I called them and spoke to the parts guy explained my situation and my wanting to get things done for septemberfest. Well within 22hours I had the clamp in hand and my LCA's. as well. It's good to see things really picking up there.Good job guys.
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The upper bracket was a bit of a pain. you will need to grind down some of the weld on the old uca bracket the problem was where the bolts come through in the trunk the rear bolt was real close to the cockpit aluminumn and it had to be reshaped
(BMFH) Other than that the only other snag was getting the old UCA off. Other than that it's well worth the handling improvents.
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