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Originally posted by Traveler:
The 3 link only goes on one way - so as long as you also ordered powder coating I think you are fine! (I'd still call just to be sure)

I have never tried to install the 3 link with the donor coils in place as in looking at how it mounts, the donor coils would be in the way. So that means 3 links require coil overs.
No Ralph, there is no interference with the stock coil mount area so you could (I don't know why anyone would want to though) mount the 3 link w/o coilovers.

There is no difference in the frames between coilover and non-coilover. In the old days you could order the frame w/o the stock coil tubes, but FFR stopped this.

However, you may have other issues with your delivery if they gave you the wrong boxes. If it's just the frame with a different name, and the powdercoat option is in alignment with what you ordered, you are good to go.
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