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Robin and I just took some vacation time and drove the C5 from Dallas out to Sedona AZ. We were going to stay a little longer but the snow drove us back. We sort of zig-zagged over New Mexico and took a side trip up to the Gila Cliff Dwellings north of Silver city. On the way we took Highway 152 from Caballo over to Silver City for about 60 miles and 2 hours running up to 55 when we could with a extreme watch for deer. Very cool run through the Gila National Forest. From Silver City up to the Cliff Dwellings was 44 miles and 2 hours of extreme switchbacks and 10 deer (none hit though). NM/AZ 180 from Silver City to Alpine was pretty cool also. They make 89A from Flagstaff into Oak Creek Canyon seem very tame. It will make you appreciate an interstate though!
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