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Curious George
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Day 186 est
376 total hour est

No issues.

1. Seatbelts and bezels.

2. Tried out my black Cobra shifter knob. I love both of them so much.

3. Shifter boot and bezel. Boot pushes it out of gear. If my hand is on it but not always and takes a little nudge. View attachment 358985 View attachment 358986

4. I have a total of 40 test miles.

Still leaking oil. That I knew was a issue the manifold needs resealed.

Now it's leaking coolant. As far as I can tell it's from the second from the rear DS head bolt.

I put sealant on the bolt and torqued it appropriate. I used a recommend gasket ECT. I'm 100% sure it is a seal issue.

I think it's time to take it to the pros. Get it all sealed up. I know I can redo it all myself but I am sure I will just do it according to the last instructions I had and it might create the same results. The pros will do it right and make adjustments as needed and I can take it back if its still leaking.

I know that's why we put test miles on it, it still hard pill to swallow. I also figured I would have issues with the seals. IDK when the shop said I did such a good job when I had them do a 1st start and everything looked real good, I thought maybe I did it perfect. Lol


Tinkering and adjustments untill it's titled and licensed. Major work is done. Jeff has all the heavy letting left for body, paint and final assembly.

Looks great! I ordered that black shift knob from breeze from the pics you posted

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241 - 241 of 241 Posts