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Although I don't have my Cobra yet, I hear this question coming up all the time with folks that own FFR and others.

I plan on answereing in this fashion...."I don't know! I bought it from a little old lady who had it in a barn since '66. She advertised it as a Ford that her cousin "Carroll" gave her......:')

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My preference is to have a period correct look, and with the PS wheels, wind wings, T handle shifter, AC pedals etc, I bet 90% of the Joe blows can't tell. It is not that I want to mislead them, but having that look is my thing.

I created at flier that I clip on to my windshield whenever I bring the car to the local burger place on Thurs nights for a show and shine.

The title is "WHY A REPLICA"

1966 Shelby 427 Cobra sold $360,000
1997 FFR Roadster sold less than $30,000

picture of black car

picture of my car

Color - black aluminum body
Trans - 4 speed
Engine - 427
VIN- CSX3192

Color - black carbon fiber body
Trans - 5 speed
Engine - 5.0
VIN- FFR1240

Stunning restoration of an origninal unmolested cobra. Excellent history with low miles. One of the nicest originals in existance.

Stunning replica of an original 427 SC cobra. Very reliable history with many fun miles. One of a few very nice replicas in town.

Insurance - Lloyds of London
Maintenance - own mechanic
Repairs - many original parts irreplaceable

Insurance - $300/yr
Maintenance - oil/filter every 3K
Repairs - my garage

It was meant to be cute, but get the point across. I try to always be nice about it, especially when you get the Ford know-it-all that scoffs at your "imitation" car.

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Since July ’01 I’ve categorized three frequently recurring scenarios with minor deviation...

The red light question...

At a recent red light to a wide highway on ramp a Saab Turbo pulled up along side of me real slow, stopped and the driver removed his Revos and asked me, “Is it real”?... with a big grin on his face. I removed my sunglasses and slowly said, “It is an original Factory Five Racer”... with a big grin on my face. “Oh”!, he said. “It’s just a kit car, huh”? “It’s not real, huh”? “It’s still a nice looking... uhhh... car though”. “Thanks”, I said, “it’s a lot of fun”. With the light turning green I had to accelerate just a “little” faster than normal until that Turbo Saab disappeared in my rear view mirror...

The unconditional approval...

At a local park on the water while engaging very slow (10-20 MPH) bumper to bumper traffic we happened to slowly idle by a lemon drink stand… must have been a half dozen adults and twice as many kids relaxing in the shade. Almost in unison all of the kids are yelling, “That’s my car”!... extending their thumbs high toward the Cobra! All of the adult’s eyes were on the Cobra too nodding in appreciation. What made that scene more remarkable was the fact that there was a beautiful new silver Corvette convertible behind me whose driver and passenger had no smile on their faces and an awesome new black Mercedes roadster was in front of me. Life can be so Sweet...

The acceptance by any generation...

While slowly undulating and growling over cobblestone in the Cobra on upper Thames Street in scenic Newport, Rhode Island with a hot blonde as my passenger... a group of kids started yelling... “Check this ride out, man”! This dude’s got it all, man”! “It is bad”! “Yeh! She is bad, man”! “He is a bad dude, man”! “Hey, they’re all bad, man”! Half-laughing, I had to give them the thumbs up with a big grin on my face and acknowledged thanks. My date looked at me with a smile on her face, lowered her sunglasses and with a raised eyebrow and with a deep, slow, sexy voice said, “Your... baaad”! Ahhh... it’s nice to know you can still be “bad” at 55...

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When are you going to realize that it's not you or your car every one is looking at it's your passenger. :D
My current responce which seems to be working well
is yes it's an original FFR Mark 1 Roadster. Yeah it looks like a Shelby Cobra but it's faster, stops quicker, handles better and is much more dependable and Carol Shelby is a jerk anyway
who would want a car made by him anyway.

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I'm stopped at an intersection waiting for the light to change. A guy across the intersection hops out of his Camry and shouts "IS IT REAL?" I have to shout back, "NOPE...FACTORY FIVE REPLICA." The guy made a face like he'd just sucked on a lemon and then hops back into his car.

I actually get a kick out of exchanges like that. They have no idea how much fun I'm having.

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it kind of sucks, but i like the car enough that it doesnt get me down. there are quite a few people that know it is an FFR, some that just think its cool and never consider that its not real.

i had one guy pull up and say "english, right?". well, this IS the Republic of Berkeley, so even chevys are kinda rare.


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I just answer the "Is it real" question with:

"I have no idea, its my moms car"

Coming from a 45 year old guy, it does leave them speachless.

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Well, since I've answered this question a few times too... Some days I answer all questions "Yes" and some days I just say "No".

"Hey... It it Real"? Yes.
"Does it still have the 427 in it"? Yes.
"It is fast"? Yes.
"It it hard to shift with the shifter like that"? Yes.
"Does it have a Hemi in it"? Yes.
"Do you race it"? Yes.
"Is it a Corvette"? Huh..... NO. :eek:

And heck the next day I just say "No" to every question, its acording to how I feel. You get less junk when you say "yes" and a second or third question when you say "No" either way 95% of them don't know the difference even it you pop the hood.

And the last question I answered "yes" to...
"Does it run on GAS"? Can't say I've figured that one out yet.

I had a very pretty 30ish woman follow me into the garage late today..."Please, I have to look at your CAR". Hummm.... Bend over, I have to look down your shirt! :D ("Cobra Dan" told me to say that!)

Mike (all days aren't bad)
FFR 2335

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If I've built it, of course it's an original. Even Carroll doesn't have one built by ME.

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I'M FEELING REAL GOOD. I'm in my driveway with my chassis on it's side looking mighty ugly with having just used 20 oz of metal ready on it. Behind me sits the body of my car sitting on what looks like a king size bed frame for a 10ft tall person complete with head & foot board and people are driving buy saying nice car. No that's some vision.

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I don't have my car on the road yet, hopefully soon. I just plan on saying when asked if its real?
Its hard to tell isn't it? (Its a nice way of saying you don't know, do you?)
Then I say, I'll give you a hint, I drive it like I stole it :D
Stone nicks is my second odometer
I drive on the same roads as first time drivers with cell phones
or if there real a jerk
I drive on the same roads as as first time drivers with cell phones that could be driving a(what ever car there driving, Volvo, etc.)

If they ever come back with so its just a kit car. :eek:
I'll say, yeah, at least its not a (what ever car there driving, Volvo, etc.) or at least it made in the states.

Personally I couldn't care less if people don't like my car. I did not build for them I build it for me and my family. My wife and kids love the car and we can't wait to drive it. That is as good as it gets. Nothing else matters.


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More than the "Is It Real?" question, I get the "How much did it cost?" question.
My response, "I don't know, I'm not finished spending on it yet!"

The "Ricky Racer" types always ask, "What's the 1/4 mile time?"
My response, "I have no interest in going in a straight line but I think I can break 1:52 at Laguna Seca!"

Both replies leave them confused.

The "Is it real?" question gets a reply from one of the other Forum members, "Yes, it is real, it's just not old!"


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I had a good reply today when a Honda Oddesy owner asked the question the answer is; 'as real as that Caravan you are dirving'. The world is full of replica's its only the envious that pic on ours.
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