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I looked into doing the 2013 calendar. Richard put together a smoking deal last year I think he was able to do it for like $15 dollars including shipping.

Wish I could do that but is there any interest if my sister and I could do it for $19 plus $5-7 shipping?

I have a concept of what I would like to do for the month of April (see attached). It will be a pretty boring year for everyone but me if all the months had pictures of only our car. So I would need some more material I thought it would be pretty cool if we could get the cars that graduated in 2012. I would also like to put a little cool facts about the cars and their owners with the pictures. Build # would be cool? So if you are interested PM me. I think if we could get all the pictures to me by say Dec 10th we MIGHT be able to get these delivered by Christmas. Did I remember to say MIGHT?


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