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IRS conversion brackets ready to ship!!!!!

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For those of you who wanted them, I have the new IRS cobra brake conversion brackets done and ready to ship. The price went up a little, but we did the only thing we could, supply the hardware and the shipping. The hardware is pretty specific, so we had to include it. The kit contains the brackets (laser cut) and all the spacers, nuts, washers and bolts to complete the install. The instructions are done and I have 3 sets out being tested. I put one of the three on my coupe and they fit perfect.

Warning!!! some grinding of the caliper is required!!! Nothing major and the performance is not affected, just a casting boss that needs to be removed.
Warning #2!!! The intermediate bracket MUST be an original Cobra bracket. These are hard to find. [What I don't want is some one mad at me for something I have no control over.]
The good news is the caliper is the same for all SN95 Mustangs, so if you have regular loaded cores you can trade them in on Cobra units (just make sure you get the Cobra intermediate brackets). Or if you have good calipers just get the bracket from Ford.
Warning 3!!! I have not even tried to fit the super coupe caliper to the new bracket. It is different enough, I do not think it will work and I have not tried to fit it.

So those of you that wanted them, e-mail me and I will send you pics and instructions. The total bill for the conversion brackets is $150 delivered. The only parts you will need to purchase (not from me) are the LOADED Cobra caliper and the matching rotor. The Cobra hub can be used or the Super Coupe can be used, if it is redrilled. The Super Coupe brake lines can be used, but will need to be bent slightly. The dust shield will also need to be trimmed slightly as the caliper moves up and forward.

I sent Dave Borden some pics (and a set of brackets) so maybe he can post a couple of pics. My server access is down or I would do it.

Send me an e-mail and I will ship them out.
I know I am about 3 weeks later than anticipated, but I wanted to be sure they fit right the first time.

Cheers Richard.
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I am unclear on what these brackets do. I am assuming they allow you to mount Cobra brakes on the FFR IRS, right? I did see some questions about using them on the 15" Trigo pin-drives. Will it work? What else would one need to buy to convert, assuming they will work on pin-drives?


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