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How close is the windshield frame to the body at the point were the brass bar goes into the body. I have about 1/4 gap by the bar. But in the middle of the car, the windshield frame site on the body. A picture would be great
Yes, I have cut the brass bar on the passengers side.

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I wish I had taken pictures of this when I was building mine, the desire to finish it got the best of me and forgot to take shots of all the finishing touches.
On my Cobra Body (already painted by then), I had to open the windshield holes more to the sides and back towards the rear of the car, test-fitting the windshield a few times to make sure that it sat all the way down on the body, when installing the windshield you,(with the help of a friend of course) need to push down on the windshield frame (not too strongly tought) and mark the holes on the legs, why? you ask? the windshield needs to sit down completely on the body without any gaps. (checking for interference points). The enlarged holes for the legs of the windshield get covered anyways by the provided plates (or AfterMarket ones).

Hope this makes sense.

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One thing to mention here is if you are thinking of ever putting on a softop now is the time to put on the center bar on the windshield (tensor bar). The bracket that needs to be screwed to the bottom of the windshield is nearly impossible to put in once the windshield is mounted.

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