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Installing A Fiero Emergency Brake In A MK II and Up Part 1

The Fiero emergency brake handle is one of the most convenient additions you can make to your car, but figuring out how to mount the handle and getting it to pull both cables at the same time is a real brain twister as the standard cables come in from different directions with no place to anchor them for a straight pull. The deal breaker in the roadster is that with the MK II and MK III chassis FFR replaced the previous 3/4" outboard brace with a 2" X 2" so you could no longer put the cables and the handle mechanism under the floor, leaving no room for a common type equalizer bar. I puzzled over this for months without success until one day flipping through a Summit catalog I had an epiphany. There it was , right in front of me, the answer to my problem in the form of a Lokar Universal Emergency Brake cable Kit. With IRS and TBird rear brakes you want part number LOK-EC80FUTB.
Here's how it went together.
You need to make a bracket to mount the handle on top of the 2X2. I used a stout piece of 2" aluminum angle and massaged it down to the size I needed and rounded all the corners. I mounted the handle on the aluminum bracket that was bolted into the 2 X 2. It's at a bit of an angle, but it pulls straight and lines up with the seat. If you try to put the mechanism so that it sits straight, the handle will hit the seat when you pull it up. You have to keep the cables away from the seat belt brackets and while it's not shown in the photo, you must also avoid running into the back of the seat at the floor. I played with this for hours and trust me, this is the best layout. After this photo was taken I added a 1" shock spacer at the rear of the handle mount so that the cable and the handle were more aligned. This is important to do so as to insure a long life for the ratchet mechanism.

Here's an updated shot with the shock spacer in place. This provides a much more favorable pull angle and is vital to assure long mechanism life..

Once that's done you need to slightly enlarge the slot where the Fiero cable would normally hook into the handle. This is a simple 5 minute job. Next make a connector from a 5" grade 8 bolt. I filed the head of the bolt round then chucked it into my drill press and turned the neck down with a file so that it would slip into the handle connector.

It hooks into the handle like this. Just like factory almost.

Here are the cables coming into the back of the cockpit. There's just no room to get too fancy.

In the first photo you'll notice the cables bolted to the floor. I made an aluminum reinforcement plate to mount under the floor and bolted through the floor to distribute the load when pulling up on the handle and prevent cracking the floor aluminum which is only .042 thick.
Continued in Part II
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