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the halo part of the frame evidently gets welded in with no jig, therefore the interference problems with the body are a hit and miss from car to car. if it has interference between the halo and the body, and the body doesn't lay flat on the square tubing at the doorsills, i'd refuse it. otherwise, you'll be having to fix it yourself. being brutally honest, i'm dissapointed in ffr for several issues with the gtm. i expected more, with all the hype about their frame jigs and computer aided design. it's not a big deal to do major mods for some of us, but the poor guy without these skills still has to fix something that should have been right in the first place. i picked my car up at the factory with a van/car trailer. it took all the room i had to get all the boxes in. p.s. got any pics of the 66 nova? always been a 60's nova and chevy II fan.
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