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Good afternoon, everyone! I've been away for a few years, but I'm back to the point where I want to start researching my 2nd FFR build.

Greg Branham, here. I was very active on the forum when it was under previous ownership. I built a MkIII back in 2005, sold it in 2008, got divorced, bought a Corvette (2008 C6), sold it, and just bought a new 2012 Corvette Grand Sport. I haven't been gone long enough to forget the rivalry you all have with Corvette folk, but I'm still in love with everything Ford, and especially the FFR, so don't hate me too much for owning a Bowtie.

Thinking about Wayne-turboed Boss 302, IRS, TKO, Pin Drive, with Power Steering and Power Brakes. Targeting 700HP. Excessive? Absolutely, but my last one was 340HP, and it just wasn't insane enough. My Grand Sport, at 430HP, is the sane car. I need something that will scare me every time I get in it. :)

Good to be back,

Glad to see you back! I still have all the email you sent back helping me with all the questions I had way back when. :001_tongue:

Can't wait to see your next build!
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