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Maybe someone can help me with a wiring question?

I have a 1993 donor that I am using for my donor. I would like to move away from the standard ignition switch and move to a Keyed ON/OFF switch, Momentary push button Starter Button and a toggle ON/OFF switch to the coil/ignition. This way, I can keep it secure with the ON/OFF switch. Then, when I want to run the car, I can turn on the ON/OFF Switch, then hit the momentary starter button and once the oil pressure is up, I can hit the ON/OFF switch to power the coil. To turn the car off the Keyed ON/OFF Switch.

After anaylizing the switch and the pin connectors of the original switch, I am still not clear on how to set this up. Or if a switch combination is available that can accomplish this. If not, then I will go with a standard ignition switch but will need one that can accept the # and configuration of the OEM wiring harness. Can you share any thoughts with me on how to wire this and what switches I would need? I looked at the old 65 switch layout, shared in other discussion within the forum, but it appears that the old switch does not have enough posts to duplicate the 1993 switch pins.

Again, any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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