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Some of the Thermostat housings I have shipped do not have thermostat relief areas that are deep enough for use with some filler necks. If the filler neck you plan to use has a relief also, you will probably be ok.

Before installing your CobraEarl Thermostat housing, Please check the thermostat relief area that you intend to use. Make sure its deep enough for the thermostat, gasket and what every you are bolting to it to seat properly.

If you are not satisfied with the depth of the relief, please send me the housing and I will replace the housing with one that has a deeper relief area. Please hold on to the other bolts, washers, the bypass hose barb and if you ordered one, the gasket and thermostat. This will save money shipping and confusion.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

If I have not shipped your housing yet, I will hold off until after I’m sure we have units with adequate reliefs for all applications. The new units should be shipping about January 4.


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Mine seems ok, plus I have a shop if I need to deepen the relief slightly I'll just take care of it on my end.
As soon as I get a new hose I'm going to pull vacuum and fill the system.

Thanks Earl...

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Geez Earl the new GT40 has recalls and now you.

You are a true Ford man keep it up.

I better let you get back to preparing for the class action lawsuit.
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