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Hi All,

I have (apart from the roadster) a '87 Mustang Convertible.
Now the rad is leaking and getting a new one in The Nethelands is like getting Icecream in the Desert.
Not impossible but hard to get and expensive

A friend is now taking apart a '90 T-bird apart for the expected delivery of his FFR next year and he has an AOD extra (which I also need) and is taking ut the Radiator...

Can i transplant a '90 T-bird Rad into the '87 Fox Mustang???
Both are AOD.


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As I was just searching for a radiator for my FFR, your request caught my eye. In my searches, the 87-93 Mustang uses the same style as the 80-88 T-Bird. So you might be out of luck.

I am sure there must be some radiator repair shops in the netherlands. I mean, a radiator is fairly generic in concept, and any shop should be able to find the leak, and repair it. They could also clean it out.

Just my thoughts.

Dave (POSTUMA) Remember, if it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!

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"Can i transplant a '90 T-bird Rad into the '87 Fox Mustang???"

Based on what I found when doing my parts research (Mustang parts being rather thin on the ground here too) no, they're not the same dimensions.

However, as Dave says, you may well be able to have the original rebuilt.

I would imagine that the there are radiator repair shops in the Netherlands, however, if this is a problem it might be more economic to source a replacement in the UK than from the 'States. There is quite a number of custom radiator manufacturers Walkers Garage coming particularly highly recommended.

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