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It's not that the fad has ended but the thing is that those girls who were flashing back in the 80s are now in their 50s and they realize that we aren't really all that interested in seeing what they (OK, most of them) have to show us! The other thing is that the young ones who will flash aren't interested in doing so for a bunch of old farts like us. We're stuck in an unfortunate Catch 22 >:)

Since I was laughing at this, my son explained it to me.

Young girls flash their pictures on their cell phones to their boy friends, and from there, they get uploaded to the internet and shared all over. Us old men don't keep up with all of the twitter, Instagram, or what ever is hot this week.

I say, give me back the days of mini skirts, and a little wood stock, and I will be happy as a lark. :eek:hmy:
61 - 63 of 63 Posts