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I received my first two big boxes today..the FMS M2300K brake kit and the 3.73 rear end. Since my FFR isn't due for 2 more weeks, I was just wondering if I could get started with some subassembly work and painting. I want to do everything under the body in black or silver POR15. Other than the rotors, is there anything I should NOT paint right now? Also, does the black POR15 require the UV protectant, or just the silver?

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I did the install last weekend. Put the wheels and tires on and it's a snap to place and then use the floor jack. Be careful with the POR15, as it has di-isocyanates (?) that are REALLY harmful. Do it outdoors and still use a vapor mask and DO NOT SPRAY IT. If you spray, you need a full pressure mask.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by mikiec:
My impression on POR is that if it is exposed to sunlight then it needs to be coated.


So far, my por 15 black looks fine. Im not a perfectionist.

HOWEVER, the por15 silver TURNS GREEN. It does not need sunlight to do this. and it only takes a few weeks.

If you like that antique copper look, go for the por15 silver. :D :D

The black will actually look good if you brush it on. It will be smooth. THere is a possiblity of dust. This stuff seems to be a dust magnet.

And it looks good on your hands for the next 5 days. If you dont wear gloves, you will look like the infamous ********.

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