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Hello all I'm planning to purchase a Cobra replica and have it in Boston, MA. I do have a budget max $45K.

Please bear with me, I've been researching this topic everywhere for over a month now and still confused with registration issues, out of state acceptable VINS and passing inspection in MA. I understand that it is doable, but I prefer choosing an easier Cobra with the right "qualifications" that would reduce the headache. I've narrowed my Cobra choices to 2 cars as of today.

(1)-used 1997 LoneStar cobra, previously registered in MA, but inspection sticker from Texas. It does have a VIN number with a 1968 Engine. Built in 2007, so does that mean title is 2007? Spoke to the shop, they did not know anything about registration...they just sell the car.

(2)-Factory 5 Cobra built in 2007 with a 2004 4.6 Mustang engine (will that be easier to pass inspection?)

I would highly appreciate your help, recommendation and steps to register and inspect a cobra in MA.
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