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...can that guy in W. Virginia build?

By my estimates: $90 million, minus the $17 mil he's giving to his church and estimating $25,000 ea. That's 2,929 cars!


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Dude, that is TOO funny!!

Saw that guy on the news tonight and thought the EXACT same thing you did. As I save up $$$ towards my dream car, I got to thinking this guy could get one for every day of the week.


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That is an awesome amount of money.
I'd most certainly have an original coupe, raodster, but the replicas you could built would be wicked, any engine any color, daily drivers,drag racers anything and the garage now that's another story.

Cheers Ray

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Stop and think about that for a minute. Would you really go buy the originals? I'd still own kit builds, it's just that they'd have everything I could ever dream of in them. And I'd hire a mechanic to help build and maintain it all full time.

Or maybe your own personal autox team...

Nascar? Buy your way in?

ok maybe not.

Besides there's much better hobbies for speed. With that kind of money you could buy a REALLY nice airplane and fly it for the rest of your life.

Run your own reno air racing team?

Or what about your own X-mission team? Ever wanted to go into orbit?

The possibilities are mind numbing.
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