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Another post in the OT section got me wondering. So how many different car makes/models have you used parts from to build your FFR? Thought this might help others, as well as me, with ideas. Here's my list:

’87 Mustang (many parts)
’86 Taurus (headlight switch)
'91 Chev Sprint (brake booster)
'97 Ford Aspire (heater cores)
'80-'87 Crown Vic (brake booster)
’95 Cavalier (heater fan switches)
Aerostars (axles)
’90 Integra (misc bolts, nuts, clips, etc.)
LTD (wiring connector for dash)
’87 Merkur XR4Ti (seat heater switches - planning stage)
Ford Probe (flasher/dimmer switch)
'94-'96 Ford Escort/Mercury Tracer,'89 Ford Probe (flasher/hazard module)
Honda/Acura (heater coolant control valve - any year)
'02 Mustang (rear brake anti-moan brackets)

Pile on!

Cheers, Rod

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Interesting question. Here's my list, there are some parts on the car that I have no idea where they came from.

87-93 Mustang (Donor)
74 Dodge Aspen (Alternator Arm)
74 Int. Scout (Heater Valve)
65 Int. PU (Choke Cable)
63 Corvette (Puke Tank)
74 Ford Van (Oil Breather Cap)
Fiero (E brake)
1990 Volvo (Oil Cooler)
1998 Explorer (Engine)
1974 Camaro (Carb)
1987 Sea Ray (Fuse Panel)

I am sure that there are more, I will have to go out and look at the car.


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91 Tbird SC (IRS)
95 Mustang GT (Spindles)
66 Mustang (Wiper, light, ignition switch)
61 Massey Ferguson 135 (knurled nut for Wiper switch)
74 LTD (engine block)

The rest is new

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You're still up. I can't even get a stir out of you anymore.


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'88 Mustang
'88 Turbo Coupe rear
'84 Jeep MC
'94 Mustang Rear Calipers
Airostar Axles
Lincoln front rotors
'69 Maytag Washer (Cabinet used to make brackets)

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My car is non donor so these parts were used and cleaned:

'94 Mustang (front spindles and brakes)
'88 Turbocoupe (rear axle and brakes)
'88 Mustang (fuel tank cover, pedal box, and Ebrake)
'69 Corvette (engine block)
'89 Corvette (transmission)
'?? Aerostar (axles)
'89 Miata (seats)

These parts were new but interesting:

'72 Corvette (master cylinder)
'86 Camaro (B&M ratchet shifter)
'70's era Ferrari (carpet - OEM European loomed)

I'm sure there's more.. :D

R :D

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That's one to get me thinking. I don't have many...

88 Mustang GT (donor)
96 Explorer (engine)
I don't think I have any others in the car yet, but I do have an 89 Integra hatch wiper system waiting to go in.....

The honda/acura heater valve also caught my attention as I'm stripping a Honda right now and have that part....I guess I should keep it for one of you guys with a heater, eh? Or maybe another project for myself....

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Let's see...

93 Mustang LX (tranny, rear, brakes, rad, bits)
90 Mustang GT (injectors)
87 Musting GT (computer, harness, bits)
86 Mustang GT (1st engine)
99 Explorer (2nd engine...build in progress)

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'76 Lincoln (heads, oil pan, valve covers, front cover, dist., transmission, differential, drive shaft, rear disc brakes.
late 80's Ford p.u. block, crank, rods.
19?? T bird rack
'90 Must. spindles, front brakes, fuel tank
Lincoln ft. discs
Edelbrock, Holley, Crane, B&M, T.C.I., Hooker (not that kind!) Dutchman Motorsports, Harbor Freight, Autometer, Keith Black. More to come

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Let's see hmmmmmm
'70 Ford Truck steering column
'87 Ford T-bird Turbo rear axle 3.73
'94 Mustang front axles and brakes
'94 mustang rear disk brakes
'97 Exploder 5.0 engine
'89 Mustang T-5
'92 Mustang 4 cyl. wiring harness (rear and front)
'88 Mustang fuel tank
'89 Mustang engine harness and main wiring harness.
'96 AreoStar steering shafts
And a few more I can't think of right now!

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Dave I'm a freak too! 100% 1992 LX donor parts plus a $9,900 MK I FFR COBRA kit.

I love the (NON-DONOR) builds that actually have donor parts from everything that ever went down the road.


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'91 T-bird IRS
'92 Mustang front spindles
'92 Mustang pedal box
'94 Mustang Wheels for now
The rest is all new stuff!
Paul M.

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Here's my list:
2000 Explorer (short block and heads)
1991 Taurus (front wiring harness and connectors)
1986 Taurus (headlight switch)
1986 Mustang (rear end)
1993 Mustang (rear, main and gas tank harness)
1987 Mustang (bellhousing, transmission)
As you can see, it's Ford "corporate".
Thanks for the ideas "out of the box".
Best regards,

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FX Mustang
SN95 Mustang
T-Bird Turbo Coupe

Honda and Mini likely in the future
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